Why would YAHOO sites in more than and 30 countries are successful, but not in China

        Sina – although these years more and more outstanding, but there is still no rapid development of


        and Microsoft, Intel, IBM and other IT successfully entered the Chinese market is different, in the Internet industry, YAHOO, eBay, Google, etc., into the Chinese market is inadequate.

        at the same time, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, TOM, Shanda and other more than and 10 well-known Internet companies rapidly in a short time, and have listed; according to the latest data Chinese Internet Network Information Center released in January this year, the total number of Internet users has exceeded 130 million Chinese.

        what caused this apparent contrast? Held in the days before the "2007 Internet innovation leader in international forums, many senior network believes that due to these very great hopes to enter the market China network giant, do not understand the needs of users China.

        now Wang Zhidong, President of Beijing click Technology Co., Ltd., has successfully created one of China’s largest Internet portal sina. In his view, China’s Internet industry is a very focused and very successful innovation industry.

        "I founded Sina in 1998. We all believe that sina does not innovate, that sina is the YAHOO model into china. In fact, if it is simply introduced, it is impossible to have today’s sina." Wang Zhidong think.

        why YAHOO is successful in more than and 30 countries, but not in China?

        Wang Zhidong used to communicate with YAHOO’s top executives and found that sina and YAHOO are very different.

        for example, sina.com.cn news mode is a real innovation, this model not only meets the Chinese policy and labor requirements, is actually created a new Internet model. Again, the layout of the structure of sina.com.cn, is based on the China Internet network bandwidth formation, but formed the habit of using the Internet users Chinese.

        the difference between Sina and YAHOO is not due to technical differences, are the result of innovation." Wang Zhidong said, if again >

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