although the promotion of Picasa has been removed from the background of Google Adsense, but because of the simplified Chinese version of the Google Pack has not yet released, so Picasa before the referral code is still valid. But for those who did not get the advertising code publishers, where to get advertising code is now a problem.

      so we collected more commonly used Picasa referral code. The way is to put the code in the ID into your Google Adsense ad number, and then you can put the normal.

      of course there will be a lot of people ask, such delivery is in accordance with the specification, there are a lot of people consulted the Google Adsense service team can modify the code and whether others get a negative answer.

      in fact, the service team made it clear that the ad code before it was still valid and that the background no longer shows the product and does not affect the settlement of revenue. As is not allowed to modify other people’s code that is the common language in the Google Adsense specification. Publishers can not say that is to modify the code of others, but their own background from a long time ago to get the code, so it can be, because in fact the code is no difference.

      specific can also view my website: love QQ space code station:

< script type=" text/javascript" > < —
google_ad_client = " pub-id"
google_ad_width = 468;
google_ad_height = 60;
google_ad_format; " 468x60_as_rimg"
google_ad_channel; CAAQjMeU_AEaCCfCybguyZX1KLj39IMB" " "
//–> < /script>
< script; type=" text/javascript" src=&quo>

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