today I’m reading an article Moonlight blog website, found a super good Wangzhuan project, should not many people think, estimation is also the latest Wangzhuan project, he wrote "home page" image is letter which said: "today I found a home mirror M station abroad was sealed and I have nothing to say, those netguard who took our tax money, the day you eat the rice isn’t what other meaningful things to do? You take people’s money is to disturb the people on the Internet?" according to moonlight blog.

I think

from here, the moonlight in his 04 years abroad will earn dollars, do is English website, at that time, he is also very early Oh, now 09 years, many people choose English English Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, in fact easier said than done, you think English understand network master more, do not think so easy website ranking, but also bring a lot of traffic, so hard hard year, can only get less income, like a swarm of bees to do something is not good, so I’m going to do English website to make money project did not think, actually it is not impossible, but in doing need to deepen one, do is the website with its own product line, so that they can earn more money.

so, this is the latest Wangzhuan? No, I say is not, after all, not many people can have their own products, so we need to say is a divergent thinking, since the moon in the 04 years since he did the foreign market, we can also do ah, we do not. Do, do the Japanese, Korean, do African languages, language and so on, we will not speak these ah, did not mean to say, how to do? Can do weather ah, ha ha… Is it. I believe that this latest Wangzhuan project has its advantages:

SEO talent in developing countries is not so much, less competition.

more and more computers in developing countries, the network of people browsing computer knowledge is not high.

prospects for developing countries are very good.

has more than a few advantages, we can for the latest 09 years to make money online projects and action, to find foreign money, earn more.

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