domestic website Content Alliance recommended

1, garlic flap software download alliance

introduction: garlic valve is the first free software download outsourcing service platform. Users only need to add a two domain name for their own domain name, you can have tens of thousands of all kinds of software and provide updated continuously and automatically download channel, so it is worth mentioning that, you can also customize the page template, Download classification, website information, web advertising etc.. And the application is simple, easy maintenance, suitable for most of the small and medium-sized Web site webmaster.

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2, software Content Alliance

this software is generated after a real belong to your own movie software –> > registered alliance

Adsense software content alliance is a professional Chinese television entertainment software alliance. The use of existing P2P resources to launch a software integrated more than and 20 P2P movies on demand, live video, video, online movies, wonderful picture, high-definition television, online MTV, film, TV drama, celebrity gossip, entertainment featured anime front Studio Entertainment resources etc.. The program for the full build, rich programs, exciting content, updated quickly, as long as you join us, the software resources for free sharing!

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3, Zcom Content Alliance

through the analysis of the domain name, you can add their own entertainment channel on the site, according to the latest statistics, as of July 2006, Zcom Content Alliance has exceeded 1 effective cooperation site.

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4, music content alliance

professional music website alliance, the use of existing resources for the full advantage of the building, the program is rich, exciting content, update fast! As long as you join our alliance, the resources for free sharing!

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5, joke Content Alliance

adds a joke channel to your site, which can quickly improve your site’s ranking and increase your site’s PV. Use enterprise server to make your channel faster and more stable. And the editor of the daily mass update maintenance. All resources are free, you need to do is to add a number of union code on your site.

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6, Kyushu Monternet Content Alliance

adds a short video channel to your site, which is fast

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