I think we basically did all the domestic league? We all know that the largest alliance is Baidu, abroad should be regarded as Google, its reputation is no doubt. But how do we get new friends how to do the flow of domestic Adsense do not worth the money, then the flow of foreign? How much is this value, you know… .

foreign traffic difficult, many brothers not birds, or not. I feel the same way… The knowledge points of this tutorial (Baidu top, Sogou index, Google hot list, which is mainly aimed at doing three hundred Ferry Theme)

foreign news top, the English version of the hot list, we find ourselves, you may find more accurate than me!

before the forum of a brother published a docstoc application on the Adsense tutorial, very good.

this theme is the use of docstoc to engage in foreign or domestic traffic to do Baidu theme or adsense.

according to my research, docstoc on Baidu and Google ranking is the exam, using it we do not have their own seo.

docstoc is mainly a upload file sharing website advertising revenue, but there are some problems, we study, our main income is from its file sharing, but do their own websites.

two practices:

method. Mainly for English high keywords, also in this forum, the article lists dozens of keyword rankings and prices may not be accurate, but to "look in the Google keyword tool". In response to these high key words to find PDF upload, how to find these high priced English keyword PDF files do not have to worry, slowly ha!

(1) Google into English: in the lower right corner, "Google.com in English"

(2) in the upper right corner of the Search settings, set up 100 pages per page, save.

(3) in the Google input: "XXX filetype:pdf" XXX as the keyword

(4) batch download all PDF files with the thunder (screen PDF file), download, there is a lot of file name is wrong, we have to open each file, and then put it in the title of copy and change note for the file name, keyword, must reflect the.

in the file in the name of

(5) to modify the PDF file: the first method is to add a watermark on the PDF file batch – your web site, the method of two, in the file to add a URL, to large


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