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It is very important to choose the content of

do stand. The best to choose their own love, also don’t choose too cold. You can refer to the GG keyword tool ( to determine the content of choice. If you want to do to lose weight site, but do not know what columns. By keyword tools know " " the keywords weight loss method; search in large quantity, so as to open a way to lose weight " " column. Add rich content, and is optimized for this keyword. In addition " & quot method; weight loss; the search volume keywords is the accumulation of the expansion by multiple keyword search. For example " " " method; exercise; " the most effective way to lose weight. So; to refine the key. Is to optimize the expansion of keywords. In a similar way to open more columns. You do this The flow of the site will not be less

with the flow of money is not much, but there are many. So we have to do, do the station is just the beginning. The next step is to find the site of the high rate of page and high scores page. GG channel Adsense combined with other statistical tools (I use asrep, see Open a number of GG channels (GG channels are limited, so asrep can compensate for the lack of a more comprehensive test method), test of different specifications, different page ad click rate and score. Find the high hit rate and high value of the page page. After analyzing these pages. Then the increase of similar pages, enrich and refine its contents. Or a subject. At the same time in the station the other page plus high scores page links.

method mentioned here, can make a lot of money to see the personal nature.

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