customers as the name suggests, to help sell products users of Taobao customers, now more and more I joined in, do good people a week can do a few million, so how to do Taobao guest, we say that the technique is still there. Let me talk about the main steps to do Taobao guest.

1, the first to apply for a domain name, and a specific method of space, here is not to say, can apply for to all.

2, apply for Ali’s mother’s account, the choice of intelligent promotion, will become a piece of code, copy the code to the text, in order to save the HTM format.

3, with FTP upload this file to the space, the domain name to resolve this space, the specific steps will not be introduced in detail, and will not be able to add my friend (QQ108519493) I slowly teach.

4, so you can use your domain name to access the code, you will find a very beautiful page, which is the mother of their own health.

5, the promotion page, you can use some auxiliary tools group, but the effect is not very good, also can go to the forum issued a number of posts for promotion, also write but not too obvious, because the general manager is to see your ads, K will no doubt, you can do some of the one and only words, let these words the first show in Baidu, and then to the forum released with keyword articles, so the effect will be very good. Because you are the sales category, so the release of some of the articles on the sale is the best.

6, you can also go to some shopping guide website to join free links, such as mart123, because the more links, the greater the flow of your page.

7, the constant hair, continuous operation, and suddenly one day, you will find your mother on the account of a little more than the amount, Congratulations, you succeed.

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