January 4th I had the privilege of successful submission on A5 http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20100114/204894.shtml, many webmaster add my QQ and I exchange, the voice advertisement showed great interest in the webmaster, I thank those who communicate with me in here, let me learn a lot of things. However, I also saw more of the owners of the impetuous, you can say it bluntly, some webmaster can never do me like this. Don’t expect the pie in the sky, luck is the most uncertain factor, all success comes from hard work and don’t give up. I hate those to say they have this kind of advantage, have advantage if you do not, all in vain. Hinder you earn less money is not the biggest obstacle to creativity, skills, technology and other factors, but the vast majority of owners do not have a persistent heart. The rapid development of the Internet today, opportunistic and fewer opportunities to make money, money is nothing more than two points, or spend money first or the first output. In the process of communication with the webmaster, most of the owners are concerned about how much money I can now, but ignored the most important part, almost no one asked me how difficult it is to carry out business. I asked a lot of promotion skills is what skills are, I ride a motorcycle to play sound like businesses from door to door, my skill is often and local advertising companies to contact the feelings, you can do that??? If you can, I’m sure you even in a small town, early a month to earn 2000 yuan absolute no problem, you see the following day online than the Wangzhuan skill hundreds of times.

and many of the station through the exchange, I have to open up the sound of the advertising market and have some new ideas, I do not own up, out and share with you, the strength and the idea of stationmaster a try.

1, a local website can increase the profit model, if you have a local website available, such as Hong Kong, information classification information and so on, a column or an advertisement for yourself, are local users, communication is convenient, sometimes even can be interviewed.

2, the development of their own level of agent, there are industry Web site owners can try, especially in the advertising industry, their first agent to join, and then in accordance with the market price promotion, earn the difference between the two.                                    

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idea is very simple, it depends on how you use your resources at hand, many webmaster friends will be mentioned in the exchange process, why don’t you make a website to promote, and to earn the difference??? In fact, it is very clear, to the contrary, Adult supplies online you can buy low and sell high, because his consumer group is the optimization of network.

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