Facebook and Yahoo and other companies will spend millions of dollars to buy some start-ups, while some start-ups are quietly dying No one shows any interest in,


in the operation of enterprises, the founder of the social relationship is an important factor, at least for hope acquired start-ups, sometimes "who you know" to be more important than what you develop products ".

22 year old Miller Josh, from the Princeton University to drop out of business, he founded a company called Branch. Because he and many well-known entrepreneurs have maintained a good relationship, such as Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and Biz Stone, etc.. Recently, the company was acquired by Facebook for $15 million.

Google employees before the establishment of enterprise Stamped, was also acquired by another former Google employees. She is now Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

if the founder of the two companies do not have these social relations, so they can successfully be acquired? This is a difficult question to answer, but it is undeniable that the two founders of the social relations, does provide help for them.

we talked to some of the executives of the start-up companies, asking them to answer the question: which is more important for the first time entrepreneurs, social relations and products.

almost everyone said that social relations and products are very important. But for those who want to sell the business, they believe that social relationships are more important than the product itself. In addition, your investor’s social relations, is also a very important factor.

James Reinhart is a first venture entrepreneur, his company ThredUp is a second-hand clothing sale platform. On this issue, he said: "many people have an illusion that they think the acquisition of the enterprise is a natural thing. From my point of view, it is a long term job to find a buyer, and you need to be in touch with everyone."

and other entrepreneurs believe that the product is always the most critical factor in the operation of enterprises, even for small start-ups are no exception. BstedTees, College Humor and Vimeo founder Josh Abramson philosophy is the case, he said: I think the best products to create a good thing is the most important thing. Social relations are also important."

"only rely on social relations to find the export of entrepreneurs is rare, and only rely on excellent products to find export entrepreneurs are rare. If you don’t know who you are, you will go through a very painful time, especially when you are looking for a takeover. However, if you

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