search Jiang Hui: very sorry for irresponsible remarks in class today, this post, we can see the recent interest in the internal network for the exchange of money to make the moral bottom line argument. In the post, Jiang Hui publicly apologized for his inappropriate remarks, and the 5 outspoken students were rewarded. Su Dikang carefully read this post, and to ask friends carefully, in a clear sequence of events. Su Dikang believes that it should cause Wangzhuan the importance of peer network to make money ", should adhere to the moral bottom line".

ethical argument sequence of events

it happened on the night of November 6, 2010. Because it is Saturday, is the benefit of the exchange of the internal VIP course time, by the benefit of the Department of the spring of the members of the delegation to explain how to get the original article website and other issues. The end of the lecture, Jiang Hui also shared a little, and throws an inappropriate remarks by marriage personals website to get emotional articles. Specifically, is released through marriage personals revelation, collect the candidate’s personal statement, organized into the original articles, or go to the essay, can get a large number of original articles with a small amount of money.

inappropriate remarks after exports, some students expressed dissatisfaction with the direct contact with Jiang Hui expressed their personal views. A student directly said, "the statement of marriage partner", belong to "play with others", and essay method is inappropriate on moral. Lee for the exchange of Mr. Chen Huimin is also very dissatisfied with this statement, said, very disappointed". Jiang Hui saw his apology after the post, Mr. Chen Huimin issued a document specifically "Chen Huimin: pupate into a butterfly pain", expressed his views on the issue of money network moral bottom line: "now the community, shareholders, partners, team, students put forward higher request to us, they hope that we are the most prestige and the most responsible, the most dedicated", "this is not opportunistic for the style".


network moral bottom line to make money

no matter what we do, we must have a bottom line. The bottom line is the bottom line of the law, if only to adhere to adhere to the legal bottom line, not enough to make their own growth and development. The higher the understand once mentioned in his memoir, when he was in the higher has just started, his teacher is against him to engage in color flow, that flow is not clean, once the color flow, who have a wash away the stain. But understand that did not listen to it, in order to maintain the profitability of the team, he tried to find ways to engage in traffic everywhere. Later understand through this stage, recall, quite sorry.

In fact,

, now the webmaster, few dare paizhexiongfu said his hands are clean. Google Adsense cheating, plagiarism articles (erase source information) and so on a variety of things, I believe the webmaster have done. A competitor, or even the use of discomfort "

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