news yesterday, according to CNNIC data, in 2006 the number of domestic personal website has reached 240 thousand, an increase of 58% in 2005 is expected to 2009; the number will reach 420 thousand, accounting for 25% of the number of total domestic websites.

although the personal website of the number increasing, but the vast majority of owners are aged between 18-25 years old, the size of the site is generally between 2 to 4 people, and is also faced with capital, technology and other aspects of the problem." In the end, just before the "Chinese website super Adsense venture contest", insiders pointed out. "Many personal websites are a person in the operation, can not afford to hire a sales staff to operate the cost of advertising sales. The brand and the overall strength of the individual website fundamentally determines that they can not get many large companies advertising orders."

"is a part of the reason is because of this market opportunity based on Yima co distributed in the vast area of nearly 5 thousands of Web sites, Yiqifa alliance marketing e-commerce platform to make network marketing more effective" as the theme of establishing a service to advertisers. To make full use of the network to realize the flow of resources, advertisers, alliance website and Yiqifa "win win win" advertising network marketing concept." He Xiaoli, vice president of 100 million said. Among them, the personal web site accounted for a considerable proportion."

funds, technical problems spawned website alliance

usually, a web site in its independent IP from the day to reach more than 1000 of the site, the site can get a certain amount of advertising revenue. Independent day IP visits between 1000 to 5000 of the site, its monthly advertising revenue can reach 300-500 yuan." A well-known webmaster said, but these basic income from the website alliance."

"the limited funds technology limited, personal website basically impossible through their ability to get large orders of the ad, but through the website alliance, can form a considerable total flow. And then the big advertisers to form a huge attraction." He Xiaoli pointed out that the launch of the site alliance, it is a very good promotion effect has been highly recognized advertisers."

is also the case, a large number of Internet companies have begun to imitate this alliance model. For a time, the network alliance like bamboo shoots after a spring rain blossom everywhere, everywhere.

website alliance uneven in quality

"no unique idea, there is no market test, no solid and meticulous members of the alliance culture and long, grow together, this alliance is loose and unstable, can not form a strong network marketing channel. Yiqifa advertising marketing platform belongs to Beijing EMAR online technology cable company China Electronic Commerce Association, more than and 20 investment institutions, founder and manager of well-known enterprises in the industry to launch the "100 Chinese super webmaster > contest

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