lead: to team members salary in order to keep him, and you take much salary in your company’s financial condition. Life is fine, but don’t act like a king.


founder of the company on track how to pay for their own?

yes, the company is yours, along with the risks, benefits, reputation, status are your. But specifically, how do you decide on your own salary, especially when the company is going through a period of life and death, and is starting to grow faster?

12 Silicon Valley founders share their own experience:

1 less than the start of the business

you still have a long way to go, more money to earn, right? So, give your employees a raise. But if they know that you haven’t added, even pay, they will be more respect for you, and will work harder. In addition, your own low salary means that you can have more working capital to hire more employees, or to invest in more valuable areas. These are long-term needs.

2 needs to consider your exit strategy

it depends on your exit strategy. If your direction is as much as possible to be acquired, then give yourself and employees more wages, with money to stimulate the enthusiasm of the people, because the disk will consider the next thing the money. If you can change the direction is to create a lifestyle business, rather than being acquired, it is to prepare yourself a sum of money to buy a sports car


3 based on the comprehensive consideration of


our management team and staff salaries are based on the following three considerations. First, to be comfortable. We need to focus on our own work, rather than on the daily problems of survival. Second, but not particularly comfortable. He needs to be hungry enough to push the company forward. Third, keep good investment money. We must have enough spare money to invest in the future.

4 don’t get nervous about your financial situation

make sure your after tax salary can make the family happy. It’s bad for yourself, your family and your business when you’re always sacrificing yourself for the company. A peaceful state of mind can help you bring the magic effect, suffering from their own is a bad choice.

5 should consider compensation for past

in the early days, the founders had a hard time. My co-founder and I doubled our salaries at the start of our first year, from $1000 to $2000. As your company is on track, cash flow has improved, you need to consider and your finances to talk about the past compensation, from the tax to the social security and so on have to plan. < >

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