* is a bad work, although it has the advantages of simple operation, almost everyone can use, but not everyone can do a good job and earn a substantial income. Today, from the Internet to organize an article list eight to do Wangzhuan mentality.

A quick

. This type of friends often want flourishes in the internet. Can’t wait to find millions of gold and silver. Even hope for a year to become Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei…… If so, this you don’t have to look down, this feeling will waste your time on me. You can go and see Mr. Chen Anzhi, or Anthony, who will teach you what to do. You can choose to like, in the record, such as fees BNT, excellence. And then stir up your tongue like a spring, perhaps to achieve the results you want.

Two avoid the

. This type of friends may not want to get rich. But have not yet understand that business website and blog, what needs to be done. Just want to do GG. The results are so grateful for all the flowers, do not see a cheque from coming from overseas. From the end to far away. Yan’s interest drums, 1000.

avoid tandaqiuquan. This type of friend is also like the above two types of friends on the Internet has been mixed up for some time. Know a lot of money. So all the various projects, to recommend their blogs. A click on the hook, with registration, investigation, and witkey,…… , domestic foreign things. I bet a lot of projects are not done, and then placed in a grocery store there. Oh, do unto you. Because you do not have the center, appear and are not professional. Even if there is willing to do a project with you who are confused. The wide and thin, even nothing.

four xianyisiqian. This type of friends are entering Mao Lu, still do not know much about me. For some projects have been sinking for a while, but reality and imagination too far apart. The results of the search for a way out, while giving up the old road. The results of some other people to make money, but he did not. He often wondered why someone else would dig up the water where I couldn’t get it. This is because he can not profit from the project, lack of understanding.

avoid xenocentric. This type of college graduates is more common. Think the foreign moon is more round than china. Learn a few words in foreign language, do not think Wangzhuan look like useless. Then put some foreign hang up, click on the category, registered, survey items used to do. However, these projects have been out of date. Because of these projects, in fact the language requirement is not too high. At the same time, these projects are paid Wangzhuan relatively low, especially on hook and click on the class. But these projects because of language barriers, inconvenience promotion. We are also very inconvenient. There are some things that limit the chinese. The result is often from "xenophilia" to "patients".

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