said I had to Wangzhuan, in about 2002, but not at that time, because it is traditional marketing mode, illegal! The middle years of their business in a small business, only enough food and clothing problem

!In 2007

began to play the stock market, in fine, earned not sell, because do not understand why, until March 2008 was completely hedged, the Internet every day boring, I began the way of higher

!After entering

Wangzhuan is what I know, Wangzhuan, know Wangzhuan is real, not the pie in the sky, but I feel free to send Christmas Wangzhuan is small candies, cookies what


because of my Wangzhuan this definition is accepted, this is the first condition of Wangzhuan, so I do have more confidence than others


so I went online looking for Wangzhuan project, which is suitable for me to do, I do is premise, not investment, that is to say free Wangzhuan


but a lot, basically be depressed, for investment, looking for a few days to no avail, and finally change the direction, I add some Wangzhuan group, see what they do, of course, need to first give up investment group


inadvertently I found this free click Wangzhuan project, see people earn 30 thousand yuan a month RMB, I was like, if you can do 1/3 people too, began to study problems for QQ group of people ask


generally understand this is the point of foreigners Wangzhuan advertising, then people give us money, said bluntly point is toil, no way, want to make money only when toil, when he


the next day is to apply for Internet banking, applying for foreign union station, then every day watching others stood with what the new Bux station, do the others off the assembly line, continue to register, advertising, registration station every day is very boring!

persisted for about a month, I was lost, I felt no words, really want to give up a good Wangzhuan, friends told me, don’t worry, we are doing 2 months after the income, and the future will be more and more


no way, not white do a month, how many points return ah, adhere to the forty-second day, first received 2 dollars, although received money to increase confidence, but want to own waste of time, ah, not


is depressed, but I still insist on doing a free click Wangzhuan project for 3 months, the middle received some dollars, and still my goal is far from

I began to suspect that they said the monthly income of 30 thousand is false, but the group no one doubts, I do not want to understand, to come to his station to see, is a very simple station, written content is simple, I accidentally found that the registration station is his..


foreigners on the line reward is very high, are generally more than 50% yuan on the line deduct more than the revenue line, although I did not reduce the income point

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