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for this question, the answer may lie in two aspects: first, how to find ways to fight for more money; the two is how to control overhead and cash flow.

let’s start with the first one. How to get more funding sources, this channel is not a lot of. There was a joke that funds the entrepreneurial company mainly comes from the founder of F4:Founder, Family, Friends, Fools family friend. Although the industry is a joke, but also can see the startup funding in addition to founder, is very limited.

as a start-up company, a way to obtain funds is to strive for a good policy to support the industrial park. Some of the new industrial park has industrial incubators, such as the pharmaceutical industry, technology and electronics industry. Some of the industrial park to invest a lot of incubators, there is a very good support system. Strive to settle some of the country’s relatively good Industrial Park incubator, start-up companies are very good access to support. China’s industrial park is now springing up, such as some of the less developed areas around Shanghai, there are now a number of government support is very large industrial park in the emerging. The state attaches great importance to innovation, incubators have become the focus of the industrial park to create an innovative system, if you can enter the incubator, will be a very good way to obtain financing and support.

in addition to the incubator Industrial Park, also has a corresponding policy support around the government for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, in different forms, such as direct loans, credit guarantee, in addition, there are some relief policies, such as the suspension of individual industrial and commercial management costs, especially the technological innovation strong enterprise, keep good to contact the government and local, to get financial support does not lose a method.

bank is also a channel can not be ignored. Some banks have loans for small and medium enterprises. For example, small companies can guarantee each other, mortgages, of course, this is relatively passive approach. There are banks that have small business startups.

angel investors in China are more and more, pay attention to their investment, so that they see and know own company, for their investment is also an important way.

, however, can get these funds, can be settled in those relatively good Industrial Park incubator enterprises, or relatively small. It is suggested that each enterprise should have a good management means to manage their own cash flow, manage their own cost, and have a very good practical experience in the management of financial personnel, there are strict rules to manage cash flow. Financial management system needs to be implemented early.

in the open source is not much, the throttle is very important. The cost of start-up enterprises is generally divided into several categories, labor costs, administrative costs, marketing costs, etc.. >

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