now, more and more young people do not want to work, turned to Taobao entrepreneurship. However, while giving up your job, you’d better make sure you have the following 7 basic skills to open a Taobao store.



others in the office talking when you at home in front of the computer, when people travel on your own computer, leave people out of eating at home in your own home in front of the computer, you know all the world from the computer, make new friends and fewer opportunities, bear lonely, you will be mad!

2, good temper

these days, what people have, especially Taobao: some people to burst foul language, some people give you bad review complaints you sell fakes…… Although you may not have committed, but there will be an endless stream of people come to you. So, control your anger, don’t pay for the mistakes of others.

3, unique vision

in the homogenization of serious Taobao, unique vision is particularly important, and strive to do a little bit of the characteristics of the unity of the shop style. A little more prepared on the market and the total stock demand, immediately after the season as soon as possible to clear out, let the store often have fresh things.

4, will brush single

what? You don’t know what is a single brush, nine brother can only say that you are really broken pattern tucson. Go to the software called "express a single number generator next.

5, know little knowledge of photography

does not necessarily have to SLR, PS so high on the big, but you have to ensure that the photos you have a high sense of.

6, physical good

if your business is good, the biggest thing you can do is pack. So, want to open a Taobao shop, the first physical training.

7, perseverance

this is the most important point. To shop, you may have no experience, no traffic, something more expensive than others, the credibility of worse than others, perhaps a few months without a single business, want a sound is full of advertising, but if not insist on doing it, you will never see the spring.

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