write an article yesterday hour hard, did not expect to submit when did not succeed, then the text does not have its own save function. Oh, can only come today to write. In order to save your time. I’m going to write a little less today, to.

would like to talk about how to plan a website that can make money today, if you are a non-profit website, you can go to see other content.

a. a successful website (small sites, the same below), market research indispensable

to do a website, I feel not so easy, not casually done, and done before, to consider and study. We must first look into the market, such as a local portal (in this example, the author is drawn through the research results, the same below), now a large portal network portal accounted for the vast majority of the market, but we should not forget, even if a large portal accounted for a large market, but the small local portal, still has its market positioning, different, like the long tail theory. First, careful positioning of local portal, its user source is not a problem, but we need to do more detailed work is to refine the user group, according to the characteristics of the local users, divided into various types, and then look at the necessary, also the most important, then you can do the corresponding plate, this is not the blind. Here’s a question. More people to think about their own.

two. Profit model is not a single

this problem is obvious, now rely on advertising has not placed. Advertising alliance has been the trend of vicious spiral. The writer thinks that profit model should be combined with the traditional profit model. (originally written a lot. But failure)

three. Good user experience.

I give you recommend a good website to do the two now. One is careful talent network, how to implement, we study their own. One is in middle school website, according to CNNIC, the site is now the largest proportion of the students think the network is, why is Li Yuchun so fire, it is because of her FANS is the basic middle school. There’s a lot of opportunities, we look at how to seize the.

had written a lot of, but the submission of the error, so lost a lot of content, alas, every time an error, so can only write so much, you can also exchange more.

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