review: in portal website, industry website grow mature, local portal also began to warm up, local portal how to profit? To investigate the club website operation invited Shenzhen Information Port Niu and discussions on the abstract ideas.

bull introduction: inauguration of Shenzhen information port (, his friends called him brother or bull, cow cow. Computer training, enter the society for more than six years. In six years, has been inside in the Internet industry practitioners, as a real player, and to know and do not know the pioneers together to promote the domestic development of the Internet industry, and made some excellent application case. E-commerce, network marketing, website operation, profit model, SEO, personal websites and other fields have a certain research.


Internet must "landing", so the website design of the products and services necessary to the community people, woven into a chain of infinite network, will extend their tentacles to every corner of the city and the countryside, the formation of scale effect, this is where the local portal advantage to the formation of core competitiveness local portal site will be in the "landing" efforts, of course, it is not a short duration of time will be able to do, really want to put a local portal web site operators need to do long-term, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, as a lifelong career.

is a local portal business scope can involve domestic, real estate intermediary, dating, distribution, training institutions, beauty and the release of information, these are local convenience services, is the best air plant germination. These can be done, at least through three aspects.

1: information release fee

to earn the money, the premise is your site flow, the visibility of the region is very high, with this environment in a "flea market" free information column, free and fee issued such regulations, of course, you have to ensure that people pay the effect. The flea market in Shenzhen is good.


two: advertising fee

site advertising rental, this is much simpler. The point is, do not rush to earn advertising fees in the early stages, in order to attract people to advertise, do the advertising price is very low. You can only do this, his name is bad, the market to do bad, you need to give yourself confidence, their advertising value of the money.


three: off site business


website is online shopping, to send some stationery, by others to build a website, XX XX Chinese Information Center, business center, go outside to find the company orders, and then said to do a website to send XX business China login, a free advertisement in Chinese XX business.



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