360 itself has been hovering on the brink of giants. Its volume is far behind Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent three, but no one can kill it. If the three giants like the bears huge body, then 360 rather than a wolf, although the size is not big enough, but enough sharp, no one can put it to death.

Qihoo listed on the NYSE in 2011 after a short period of time the stock has experienced a trough. But in 2013 successfully bounced back and rushed to a higher position, fully demonstrated the Qihoo in the domestic profit model has been approved by the Wall Street. With the birth of the 360 search, the realization of the way is not limited to a browser, to bring more imagination to the capital market.

Qihoo 360 with start-up companies really have some relationship? Have the face of the company Qihoo, will think it is difficult to eat. We have written before a giant hardware road article, where we have mentioned an example: 360 in the production of children’s bracelet, direct "from" a company has a mature product form, the company eventually went to our activities in Guangzhou speaking this thing.

360 acquisition of start-up companies, the most famous is the window of the world. The browser’s production team, which constitutes the prototype of the 360 browser team later. In addition with the incorporation of Windows master author Lu Jin, its "off plan" has received the attention of more and more people. Finally, there are 360 examples of direct investment venture team, the latest transaction is the acquisition of advertising platform MediaV. Our story revolves around the three companies.

window of the world and 360 browser

Founder of the

window of the world and cool dog CEO happened to the same name, but not the same person. The name of Xie Zhenyu software genius, who took the shareware imprint of the times, alone to complete a whole frame of the browser, and its internal spirit. So, in his hand over the 360 work under the micro-blog, there are a lot of people commented that he created the window of the world’s foundation, he is also the world’s window team leader.


issued in May 21, 2013 that micro-blog showed the card removed after the plastic sleeve, and "dear colleagues, I will remember the days when we were together, you always love" such words. Results from the media broke the news, said 360 of the team suffered a concussion, the whole big shake up, and ran to the staff to sogou.

July Xie Zhenyu himself sent micro-blog rumor, 360 core developers also reiterated the window of the world a no less, just as the founder, Xie has been with enough for him to achieve success and win recognition, financial freedom and money to leave 360 of the browser business and give it to Tian Liang. The window of the world after the 6 edition has also nothing to do with xie. < / article

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