I want to

www.vodone.com first exposure video advertising revenue

webmaster malicious deduction

is because I have not put home the first ten days of video advertising code. Every day 2 gross 3 yuan for a total of more than me. Don’t put the home page advertising code violations as time. The first video was deducted 80 yuan for months I work hard to get advertising revenue.. the 10 days I never login first video.. later once found on the mailbox.. the mailbox is because the wrong format did not clearly reveal what reason.. I rely on! Such things are not black alliance of..


——————————————————————————————————————– my complaint chat

(2008-05-04 01:23:49) 8boy

Hello.. I was the main site bqiq I site in the space program in March 27th and since April 13th to busy to remember on the home page first video code… To April has not logged on to your official website received a notice around the regulatory information.. when I back home in the No. 13 code.. 4 month notice period is a league ‘stop the illegal payment of commissions’ I’m just not in the home every day to put the code at that time about 2 hair. If my 3-4 normal income are deducted can not be justified. If it is temporarily stop payment. Because there is no wait until one hundred yuan to 100 yuan. To pay.. so I have no problem because if… The little things I don’t understand to receive notice under the buckle all income I have to the end of the complaint..

thank you

broadcast network customer service II 2008-05-04 07:26:58

on the 4.3 day we made illegal letters to you, tell you there is a problem, how to modify, do not modify the will can refer to there, to tell you the way to contact us and so you encounter problems in a timely manner to you, but you do not see the letter due to personal reasons, without modification, in accordance with the requirements and alliance the current regulations, deduct your commission, we have explicitly stated in the agreement must be placed home player, if you have special situation, can timely reflect to us, to help you to solve the way, instead of your private self home is not placed, and we are in agreement with the letter also noted irregularities please, before April 6, 2008 in accordance with the requirements to modify or adjust the page, otherwise it will be deducted from your name all the site’s current commission.

8boy 11:42:10>

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