Project Profile:

minimalist game plot tension, but the game is not a long time. Generally about five minutes. And because it is a text reply game, so with the characteristics of time fragmentation. This game is not just a simple game back selection items, in the reasoning project, it also requires game player free recovery based on clues, fully use the brain cells by passive selection into active game player game player input.

project features:

1 game combined with WeChat public account without downloading and login

2 game using text reply game allows each player to participate in the game

3 games are mainly based on reasoning

project progress:

1.2013 years 04 months 17 days · minimalist game product line

2 team of about 10 people

business model:

is currently in the cumulative user stage, the profit model may have advertising or props sales, etc.

below are some brilliant ideas:

Jian Feng: WeChat is currently active inside WeChat game platform, ahead of the layout on WeChat is a good choice and opportunity. As a personal user expectations for WeChat game is simple, fun.

zzz8613651: WeChat this platform, the number of users through the platform to ensure the introduction of the game, heavy, it is easier to make money. As for the title of the topic in the supplementary content mentioned in the elimination category, such as the so-called Dezhou poker light game on the platform will not be less. And came from various channels two days before the news also shows that this kind of game: the Tencent WeChat platform three self-developed Mobile Games exposure was "grand game. As far as I know, the new game on the KAKAO platform is also more and more "heavy" trend, but the Line above the game is also a leisure class "light" game.

recipe: the principle is to imitate the previous text online games ZMUD, but that era has passed, and now all like to play webgame or mobile games, is not very optimistic about this direction.

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