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of the world wide web, let the human (literally) what level of knowledge and the quality of life and everything you can imagine is a qualitative leap! As everyone knows the world wide web is a carrier of information dissemination, the carrier is like another world, " " let us in this world originally the real world wide.

by small change

so in the broader than the real world real world " ", also appeared in the US in the real world for the inevitable thing, such as the repetition of a skilled workers, like a kind of repetitive content sites, our movie station! There you can get a reasonable explanation of the.

The movie station station generating program, a variety of

(such as Marx, Lishui television network http://s.www.lsvod.com/ Marx version of this station is to use CMS1.0 to do) these super simple movie station program largely prompted some novice webmaster, do not know what to do in any direction, and their technology does not pass. The movie station selected as their first choice to enter the network.

Chinese there is an old saying: rare, more chaos, chaos is light! As to the majority of migrant Chinese developed city to find work, no technology, no idea of the people became the most people at the bottom, with a minimum wage labor bureau stipulated as their own goals (many small factories do not meet the minimum wage standard).

do not have no idea for the technology of the webmaster, we might as well as their own migrant workers, as just out of society did not read the minds of migrant workers.

has just come out of the migrant workers, often can only get the minimum wage, but after one or two years will tend to have different from the original. As non-technical novice become proficient; from did not mind not seen either, after washing after the big city become a unique insight for smart people. It’s like a novice webmaster, of course, we can not in others can pick up the garbage filled movie station together for two years, we need to shorten the full exercise of this world, the brain and their technology, but technology is not a short duration of time can become, I am here to share with you on my mind (idea).

two: movie station profit model

movie station has no way out? The answer is yes,


1, if one hundred as like as two peas movie station program, whether on behalf of our one hundred station traffic like? NO, see the so-called packaging products, in the same procedure, there is a lot we can do, if I have a beautiful interface, easy retrieval pattern, there is a good space. People love advertising words, of course, an easy to remember domain name, through such a package, you worth mention here, at least you than those who do not do the packaging, the better part of the application of.

2, tendons and bones

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