game station is not good to earn, because generally lower Google alliance price and click rate, now and in the past compared to income has shrunk nearly 30%, a few games at least I do stand is so, but there are not afraid of money flow, change may have new hope;

is now more than the alliance, such as milk wool, generally choose a few well-known, too much on the content of the negative construction, Baidu, Google is preferred;

Although Baidu

hits the ridiculously low price, is also not flattery, but it is beneficial to the website to obtain a good ranking, the Baidu advertising alliance, no matter what boss will give the point of care, this year who want to have a boss to cover it;

Although the

Google to our commission has lowered, but in the peer is still the most fair and fair, but also by the webmaster respect the union boss;

Here I recommend recreation

gaming alliance alliance, is a subsidiary of 4399, the biggest advantage is not worry about default Commission, recreation now has CPA (Registration), CPM (POP), registered a price is 1.2 yuan, pop is 4.5 yuan /1000IP, relative to peers not high commission, but for the webmaster, secure everything;


said the game station is more suitable for the CPA alliance, a station here for my Baidu alliance and recreation alliance income in to do a comparison (Google alliance here is not listed):

July 28, 2010 data

: Baidu Wangmeng to promote cooperation to show the amount of clicks to 2128 5 hits 0.23% revenue of 0.83

entertainment alliance CPA Revenue: 4.2 yuan

2010 07 to the date of April 07, 2014, data summary 27

, 22

: Baidu Wangmeng to promote cooperation to show the amount of clicks to 13391 37 hits 0.27% revenue of 6.69

entertainment alliance CPA Revenue: 15.6 yuan

from the figures, at a glance, then my advice is: the game station you can take Baidu to do some appropriate adjustments to the alliance with Google advertising, let the game show advertising alliance CPA frequency more, so that your flow to achieve maximum profits of


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