When the Blog is becoming more and more popular, Blog also has not only their own writing and content publishing tools, but more and more with the personal portal or from the media means, so there have been blog sidebar company began to call your idea, I hope you put them in the widget blog (Chinese on how to translate the word only God?), such as my blog and I fly off voting watercress reading. On the other hand, in order to adapt to the characteristics of the blog, a variety of micro content aggregation services have emerged, such as the aggregation of product reviews, such as the convergence of classified ads.

with this type of aggregation site, scattered non center content for the target readers have the opportunity to easily find through the reasonable way, which made it possible for one to the center of the C2C platform and Rightcart services provided by this website is now in fact created greater convenience (via Mashable).

Rightcart allows users to insert a code in your blog sidebar, add a "shopping cart". And your blog reader if you sell some goods in blog interested, you can use the add items to the shopping cart in the sidebar. Cool is that readers without leaving your blog, you can complete the payment and settlement in the sidebar on the job. Rightcart makes your blog a real e-commerce platform. You can take a look at Rightcart’s video to learn more about the way they are served (Ps. remember Amazon’s online storage service S3, which is stored in S3).

Rightcart not only allows you to have a more convenient tool to sell their stuff (C2C), and you can also choose goods on Rightcart on their own blog to sell, so you can get a small income from the actual transaction, this does not leave the network station can carry out sales model, perhaps can be more effective and direct way to word-of-mouth marketing blog into actual income.

when the channel more convenient for Rightcart to the center of the electronic commerce, when Rapleaf to bring you to the center of the credit evaluation system (Rapleaf and Rightcart have started cooperation), as more and more tools, seems to be in the blog space of their own is not what can be done. Blog has become a center of its own, and the traditional "center" will become more and more popular because of the popularity of these services. To the center, the user is increasingly becoming the master of their own data, which is hidden in the middle of what kind of new business opportunities?

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