what is the profit of SkyDrive, is the user can upload interesting files to SkyDrive, and provide the download link for others to download, can be e-books, software, video, etc.. If you upload the file has been downloaded, then you can get the corresponding income. On average, $in revenue for each of the 1000 downloads. Specific income will depend on service providers, now offers SkyDrive Revenue Service on the network there are many domestic brands, thousands of brain, news 6, foreign Ziddu, hotfile, freakshare and so on.

to a large number of rapid release of resources is not easy, SkyDrive file upload is a manual work, at present most of SkyDrive’s upload rate limit below 50k/s, to upload large files a 100 M without an hour is difficult to complete, unfortunately, because SkyDrive domestic access speed abroad is not good China Telecom, 2m broadband users rate basically at 10 KB/s, sometimes upload to half disconnected, AB had depressed again. So, in the choice of SkyDrive, as far as possible to choose your computer upload speed. I stop BL TXT chose xun6 SkyDrive space, because of frustration, other SkyDrive upload speed is small.


every 1000 times download a few tenths of dollars, as can be imagined, to obtain a large number of downloads only upload one or two attractive files is not possible, specializing in SkyDrive money people usually adopt the following methods:

can be used to establish personal blog, free blog, Sina, NetEase, etc., if the registered personal independent domain blog, blog system is simple and easy to understand, as long as the one resource Title edit, download link to the hair on the line.

two professional beauty download station independent site, independent domain name, download content can select a theme, such as magazines, books, and so on, the key is the site looks like a major download station, every resource has a detailed introduction, pictures, comments, but at the end of the download link for file resources SkyDrive links, I see there are many foreign people dedicated to download station was set up in this way, the effect is very good, but also can do extra advertising alliance included.

the most important thing is the flow, to grasp the three aspects: upload resources as much as possible audience face large, popular, attractive, if the content of the resource is too biased to believe that people will not download more. 2 the name of the title of the resource is good, so that others in the Baidu, Google search is likely to find and access to your resources. Take my station BL TXT, all of the titles are as the key word ‘package’, relatively easy to find the package collection class so that others in search of novel. 3 using a variety of means to promote the site, in order to give the world TXT (www.packtxt.cn) to increase the weight of points, for example, I now try to

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