The characteristics of

eBay Hongkong is 2USD per lead, compared to other ebaylead low price a lot, but another one of the characteristics of domestic is very beneficial, because of his support, traffic, so long as the appropriate amount of induction can be very easy to, the requirements of ebayhongkong is registered to mobile phone authentication on the line, of course, later is it going to bid.

I do eBay Hongkong is the highest record of 114usd a day, not many, but the profit margin is relatively high.

today I threw some stones, hoping to attract.

one of my friends to shop in Taobao, when he was a diamond, is now 4 drill, sell sports shoes, he is doing business, people will buy something he would send some small gifts, although it is not valuable, but people are rushing to.

I found later, with him on his gifts, funded by me, the premise is to the buyer if the gifts, please come to my eBay Hongkong store to choose, of course, I will give him my advertising links, let him come to my eBay Hongkong shop choose gifts, but I only have gifts.

because it is a buyer of Taobao, eBay registration is more familiar with, and want to get gifts, you must bid but do not have to buy, so the certification rate is very high, the profit will not have to say.

was given to the sports socks, the cost of each pair of 2 dollars.

note that this approach is now a failure, because the eBay Hongkong of this project has been stopped, some people will ask me, why the method for failure to share, this is because the decision Wangzhuan the nature of the industry, but also some clever people can learn what in this blog inside of me.

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