August 7th afternoon, open the Adsense to see how much revenue when, suddenly told what gives advertisers risk, out of my account was ignorant, very angry very helpless. I did not cheat, how will cause my number. There are more than and 70 knife account see, you can get the money.

and then find the reason, I thought that I had a section of the music forum will, then write a complaint, said I did not cheat, did not care about that music forum advertising, please find out the like. Second days, Adsense letter said, carefully checked my account, also is that risk advertisers to find information on the Internet. Then, to see a lot of people can not appeal success. Then a bit disappointed.


was not willing to do so, and to appeal, to think, to remember that afternoon to see Adsense ECPM up to 0.5, but then show hundreds of times, so did not care how. So the reason I guess are written up. At that time already feel hopeless, have re apply for second accounts. Who knows the next week, suddenly received Adsense letter:

320667810 AdSense Account Google Reinstated

after a thorough review of your AdSense account, we decided to restore it. However, there may be a delay in the launch of ads on your site, as all our servers receive notification of changes that may take up to 48 hours.

in order to prevent future inactive activities, it is recommended that you look at these references to learn about invalid activities, our planning policies, and how to maintain the good reputation of the account details: Topic=8426 answer=23921

?Is there any suspicious activity on log

also recommend you check the website regularly, and you will find tell us the following URL: Contact=inval>

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