dear affiliate member:

Monroe’s new lingerie spring sale promotional activities waiting for you to grab ~

1 spring underwear special preferential one yuan price:

2.AMO red underwear 198 yuan three sets of Limited Edition:

3 CHILIER underwear 60 percent off sell send set:

pearl powder

winter 4 professional underwear 39 yuan:

5 new year fairy underwear surprise purchase:

10 percent off

recommend a single product:

1 at the end of the body of the special recommendation of plastic pants 48 yuan: Pid=01080469

2 not only sold 1 yuan high elastic lace corset belt: Pid=01180127


3 series of red velvet dress Hyun Golden Leopard spring: Page=2& pid=01061953& subsn=0

4 Ives berserk warm clothes 68 yuan:

fiber Pid=01070415& categid=0107

5 customers love seamless hot pants buttocks selling price 49 yuan>

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