Links placed each website or website name on their website and set the hyperlinks to other websites. Users can find their own website cooperation from the website, to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion, it is simple in certain forms of cooperation between the complementary strengths of the site, in which they have a certain marketing resources the case through cooperation to achieve the purpose of common development.

exchange links with several aspects: to get traffic and improve the popularity of the website in the search engine rankings, increase weight, Links is a kind of website promotion methods, to be used by the vast majority of the site.

but in the actual exchange links, there are some problems we should pay attention to:

one, the type of site links

in the course of the actual exchange links, and some sites do not have to list a number of different sites, from chemical building materials to personal photo, there is no link to the site. Some people think that links with their own site is not associated with the site, on their website is useless.

but from the years of observation of the situation, this point of view is more negative, not the case, I do not consider the link with the site of the same kind of different classes. But when the link to choose the normal site, some illegal reactionary content sites, death may soon, will bring to the site and some dead links, search engine is blocked or drop right site may implicate the own site, the site should not be selected as a linked object.

two, the number of links site

link site number, this standard is difficult to determine. I personally think is better, but must pay attention to the home page, link the number should not be too much, too much, do not affect the visual effects, home of the chain, the weight of the home page will be distributed to those sites, is not good for the development of station.

in general, the definition of the link site, it is appropriate to choose the content and size of the site is similar. However, the new site is constantly emerging, the exchange of links will be endless, your partner list will become longer and longer.

in short, to maintain a certain number of links to the home page is very important, it is best not more than 20 – 30.

three, the LOGO link

exchange links with pictures (LOGO) and text, the actual exchange links.

I usually choose text links, there are two reasons: first, the text link is more favourable to the search engine, to search the spider crawling; LOGO two, their website link website browsing speed, the pictures are different to their servers, speed gap three, LOGO; too much, especially the GIF animation the picture, give a person dazzling feeling, visual effects.

but I do not deny LOGO links, such as links to LOGO, not too much, about 5 suitable.


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