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Wang Xing Fanfou signature is: "if I didn’t see all day, think, or do what is at any meal that thing, that this day would be a muddle along without any aim."

perhaps it is because of Internet products of origin, let Wang Xing in the management of a company has a large number of sales of group purchase more experience – the more it becomes more and more important to enhance the management efficiency of data business seems a multitude of things, and many disappeared in the bubble in group purchase company, it is lost in the management control in the process of rapid expansion.

walked in the office of the United States mission, each department is suspended above a liquid crystal display. You can see in real time in the mobile client Department registered a number of users per minute, the number and proportion of users from Android, iPhone and iPad, every minute of each terminal volume, and change at various times of the day trading volume trend; you can see today is in the proportion of the customer service telephone customer service, customer satisfaction, customer service idle the number of.

Wang Xing’s first job every morning is to look at the previous day’s data, and then meet with executives to analyze the problem, the performance of the business sector in the form at a glance. Wang Xing even made micro-blog ridicule: data show that in the United States Mission of all employees, I’m older than 96.3%. What does that mean? "

Wang does not think he is what management wizards, just stick to common sense, he said, as long as the account is clear, who can make wise decisions.

Wang Xing also admitted that the U.S. was founded a few years he has been accompanied by anxiety, this anxiety from the not to occur in CEO responsible for what, this subtle and uncertainty is the source of anxiety. "If you know enough about the situation, you can put the information in a relatively comprehensive collection in front of, and finally be able to make judgments. The difficulty is that if you don’t have enough time, you don’t have enough resources, you have to make decisions when the information is not enough." Wang Xing said.

for data seriously, directly affect the pace of development of the U.S. group.

September 2011, hand in hand to submit a listing prospectus. Once the handle network listed in the expansion of the expansion of capital, other buy site is almost insurmountable. At that time, handle network, Wo Wo Group as the first camp group purchase website is extended to the more than and 300 parts of the country, public comment, glutinous rice nets extended to more than and 50 areas, beauty group walking in the middle of expansion to 100 city.

Wang Xing insisted that the expansion of each city’s decision must be consistent with science. He will integrate the city’s population, GDP, Taobao consumption index, KFC, McDonald’s and the number of cinemas and other indicators to calculate the input-output ratio. When he found that the input-output ratio is not worthwhile, it will stop expansion, which is also the United States

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