mobile Internet is very fire, but there are many pitfalls

The general manager of

Beijing century Takafumi Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Tang

Internet has many ring, ring, ring, BD advertising big circle, circle, circle of marketing technology; more recently these circles seem to have the same love to drink coffee, coffee seems to become a label, is a form of advocating successful people, entrepreneurs, executives and investors. Coffee itself is nothing, but the taste of coffee has changed, from the early exchanges, Sharon seems to be a show off, things do not see, the book is a lot of. Alcohol is drunk in the wine itself can wake up, and coffee is drunk in the myth of the capital to create a trap, can only come out of the vicissitudes of life and body. Well, far away, I really want to say that the mobile Internet, but certainly not to drink coffee.

trap 1: capital trap

they are investors and experts, they most often say that the XX will fire, they can make the programmer forced into millions of millions of millions of people, but also can make some people feel desperate for the future. It does not matter, because they are playing some people rather than one, as long as the "some", there will be benefits. The temptation of capital is the same as the appetite of capital, the more temptation to give you, the greater the appetite for you. Some people, there will always be someone to win, but it may not be you.

trap two: application trap

mobile Internet really fire? Everyone saw the mobile phone users, games, education, health, discount, map navigation, get back button calls, get virtual currency discount, trick you can think of that. In order to promote the development of the platform, the application market, the application alliance quickly hot up. But from my current experience, the interaction seems stuck in between application developers and application platform, model is simple: all clients are bundled mutual promotion, the application developer is bundled in but in order to enrich their own services, users should use a variety of end are rarely, even smaller discount rate.

The similarity and overlap of

applications are also getting higher and higher. In our country, one, only one. Like with QQ other IM must die, the application is the same, after the first appeared, the other was killed, or be dragged to death.

trap three: user trap

mobile Internet to make money model, the user is the realization of the debris time. And this is what? Maybe a lot of friends think it is cash, yes, in the end is certainly to make money. But the possibility of how much money from the user’s bag out of the individual understanding of the "now" in the beginning is the entity, and the entity under the line grafting. Whether it is business or game rash and too much in haste, or grafting reality, or virtual reality. Development of an application to allow users to pay?

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