video chat industry as an emerging industry, in most people’s eyes seemed a bit strange, but there are a lot of people exposed to the industry, in 07 years began to appear several relatively good, based entirely on the Web do not need to download the video chat mode (extended to improve Flash technology and the network bandwidth), then the emergence of a large number of similar sites in 08 years, should be started in 08 years in August, some people have started selling this program on the Internet, especially in Chongqing, because the industry is an emerging industry, it has also attracted a lot of enterprises involved in this industry, 08 years of the beginning of September, video chat site like bamboo shoots after a spring rain rapidly appeared in general.

everyone to understand the truth, the first is the need for video chat video, video of the premise is the need to have the bandwidth guarantee, so video chat industry needs a large amount of funds, not only on the personnel input, but said the cost of network bandwidth is quite amazing, a company with each class 10 beautiful words, you need 2M fiber, independent bandwidth server hosting also need 100M+, the price you can go online to check, I’m just here to say the cost of bandwidth, also did not say on the personnel consumption.

I wrote these things just want to let you know before, the video chat industry investment is great, then I’ll come and talk about the video chat industry CPA, CPS commission.

here to add a little, afraid of new people do not understand something, I would say that the video chat industry. CPA: when a user registers a user via a website and successfully lands on the site’s video chat room, it is an effective CPA. CPS: when a user through a web site over the registered users, of course, also landed the video chat room, when the user recharge 100 yuan (just a casual, digital) you will gain the recharge amount of a few percent (if the percentage of 30%, is 30 yuan) but no recharge, then you CPS=0.

There are many

video chat alliance, are hanging their video website advertising, are generally only CPA and CPS, we’ll talk about the problem of CPA, if you give a video chat site CPA do it effectively, your registration data is 100, we take the effective price of CPA hair is one of the 3 examples, 100 words, is 30 yuan, but there is a problem, if these 100, there was no one to give the site to recharge it, what do you think of this video chat website will give you money? Even if given, will deduct many. Because he will consider your website may bring him prepaid users in the future, just say may not say, that is valid for CPA data, finally will look at your last charge prepaid users how much money in this chat video website I think everyone should understand what it means. < >

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