Wangzhuan industry is a special existence, it appears that the time is very short, which is nearly ten years gradually developed. Although generally include Wangzhuan on the network to make money you love a variety of means, including site operators, e-commerce and other aspects. But we said that basically Wangzhuan is relatively low-level, such as garbage station, do some advertising click or register for these projects. It can be said that what we call Wangzhuan is on the network to make money is opportunistic, relatively low levels of money.

, such as the flow of large communities cited traffic, video sites to send ads to the forum group, as well as e-mail group, etc.. These methods have a characteristic, it can really bring the income in the short term, and not for a long time, do not run, the short term is difficult to have income, but this Wangzhuan way there is a feature that is not a lot of people to operate, because of the high traffic site is not a fool, it won’t make it site filled with a lot of advertising. If a lot of people to do so, the station is bound to deal with. The title is not delete posts delete information. Another reason is to make money to master these skills master generally do not reveal their own way to make money, because they are afraid to hurt their own income. Empathy, if it is you, you have a way to make money, can easily tell a stranger? Have a cake you are willing to give to others, a casual, unless that person is your friends or relatives.

people are selfish animals, so even if he told you that he did not lose money on the way he did not lose, he is not easy to tell you. Unless you pay for it, or if you have a good relationship with you. You know this, then see some Wangzhuan tutorial flooded online, what day earn hundred thousand yuan, do not think that the treasure is picked up, basically is expired or the failure of the project. These projects look very serious, it is quite reasonable, but basically not practical. Are theoretically feasible, but do not make money. Otherwise, why people do not put out, cut off sources of revenue


so you should understand that the way to make money is in the hands of a small number of people, unless you know these experts or spend money to buy, or else there is no obligation to tell you. The hackers discovered vulnerabilities and a reason, hackers have new attack techniques or found new vulnerabilities, are their own first use, be tired or not fresh was released. However, the use of more people to estimate the patch is also on the line, so it quickly expired.

So if you want to

in the higher share that if you stop looking for the project, you can find a master to learn from him, this is the fastest way, or do a bole, to find their own horse, perhaps this analogy is not appropriate. But no matter what to do to have good execution, said thousands of times you do not do is no good. The Ming Dynasty philosopher Wang Shouren said: the unity of knowledge and practice. Is the combination of theory and practice, good methods and your hard work, no matter what will be successful.


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