do business in China, you should always pay attention to the media, pay attention to what the recent media reports. Because there is a strange phenomenon in China, is what the media to guide public opinion, it will quickly become the object of people crazy. A few years ago, the media reported that prices will rise every day, as a result, the higher the price of speculation. Now the media reported that the stock market will rise, stocks to make money, a lot of people into the stock market. Looking at the figures every day to rise, it is really a cool old yuan is estimated to be able to make money in the first half of this year the stock market, but the second half, if you have not withdrawn, it is called a silly hat. I do not know this should be called tuyere, or speculation. Anyway, when the wind when you seize it to make money, when the wind stopped you go in, you are a pig.

tall on not to say, then, we will talk about the grassroots concern of the micro business! Why micro business will be so crazy, the answer is the same, or the media due to the guidance of public opinion. Let us take a look at the media is how to guide public opinion, micro business is how to make money (Ben Wen a little long, need a little patience)

micro business can fire up, the first credit to WeChat. There is no WeChat, there will be no micro business. WeChat payment, the real solution to the problem of micro business receivables. Micro business achievements of WeChat payment, WeChat paid to help the growth of micro business! WeChat red envelopes, the most used is the micro business!

second credit, to give these micro practitioners. There is no place for them to hold a variety of offline meetings, all kinds of investment, training will be. Online meetings, would not have so many people to pay attention to micro business, adding micro business! Although it often lies everywhere, various meetings often heard a lecturer said Moumou couple, do micro taking two months, tens of millions of monthly water and exaggeration, but there are still some people are really in the heart do things.

third credit to the media. Remember two or three years ago when the smartphone began to spread. 3G network is being carried out throughout the country, when all media are reported in the mobile Internet, is the future of a super large gold mine. Every day there are a lot of discussion, but can not tell where the gold mine, then slowly appeared a word called: micro business.

and the most important is 90 entrepreneurs, do micro business a few months from a poor boy, a nouveau riche. This speed is amazing, 90, poor boy, entrepreneurship, Nouveau riche. The story is so inspiring that it leads to media reports.

three forces together, the achievements of the current micro business. Let’s take a look at the micro business search on Baidu, explosive growth.


what does this mean? It shows that the micro media is a successful media guide. Recently, even the old yuan several friends do not usually contact, have called to ask me: I heard that micro business is very profitable, in the end is how to make money? Ha ha!

so micro business is how to make money?

micro providers want to earn

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