Ma Yun started a new round of brush single punishment measures: the seller management seller, got me thinking, brush what role? Why is there a large number of sellers at all costs brush? The reason, I think only through a single brush, and can earn sales ranking, after all is determined by China people follow the trend of consumer habits, so that Ma Yun can pull the brush this "cancer"? We do not discuss, we only talk about Ma Yun this round of sanctions, the Taobao platform order certainly a lot, most sellers friends certainly overjoyed. This pull brush single "cancer" certainly inspiring. So in the face of the new normal order of the Taobao platform, the seller’s friends how to operate their own shop, how to quickly move on the right track today to give you a few strokes


, a set of key words skills

keyword in the entire Taobao store operations, accounting for absolute advantage, we should not be careless.

, 1 popular keywords and pricing skillfully combined with my own experience, hot words with pricing clever collocation, formed the unique keywords themselves, play a good role in the search, for example, I sell Wenwan walnut, walnut, walnut Wenwan every day to search people then hundreds of thousands, but the baby is tens of thousands of pieces, as a small seller, the optimization of key words they do not understand, also will not look at the data, how to do, can only think much more ways, through my practice, in the popular keywords with pricing figures, it has formed its own unique keywords, such as: Wenwan walnut or iron walnut 88 yuan to buy one, although this is a very stupid soil, but the effect is very good!

2, keywords, long tail word collocation is very important, as far as possible the properties of shape function characteristics the baby is taken into account, so that one can distinguish with other baby, please see the following two headings: (1) Wenwan walnut with wild walnut seckill boutique hand playing big iron lion press points (essential gifts 2) Wenwan walnut with iron pressing point of Walnut in Yunnan wild walnut fine grain gold iron walnut

volcano rockFrom

(1) and (2) comparison, after a title to the category, type, function, characteristics, regional pattern form clearly, the customer can understand it.

3, using customer search habits to win customers, many customers love these factors with Taobao ranking in the popularity of credit sales price to find suitable for their own baby, so we think our small sellers have what advantage? We have popularity? Our sales better than big sellers of credit we? Is the crown? No! Our price advantage is not accounted for?! so what? A comprehensive consideration, for small sellers, the price setting, there is room for little deal, so in the pricing, have to carefully consideration, my experience is to use low-cost, high prices to create opportunities for myself. First say low, we choose a cheap baby in the store, the price is low, the customer is very easy to search with the price of the sort of price, of course, you have to consider your comprehensive >

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