see a lot of blog from the media is no longer updated, the psychological is not the taste. As Xiao Zhenjie blog said, I entered from the media, or the last ring, no flow, no income. However, I still hope that since we started, do not easily end, I also give you a reason to adhere to!


from the media this topic I am talking too much these days, although some words I have said many times, but I feel I still need to talk about this topic. Because, I do not want everyone to regret the decision now, no longer operate from the media. If the media is really a trend, after a few years you will regret today’s decision to do this.

four years ago, no one knew me

four years ago, when I was in 2010 to buy the first computer in October, to today, there are five years, and I taught the site, SEO, online money, open Taobao, from the media and other knowledge. I am only a junior high school culture, not by anyone to learn these things. For the network to do a friend, this is really nothing, we mostly rely on self-learning. However, for others, this is not a general force.

why, people learn professional website production, learning for 35 years and even do a web site will not, you and they than, you are more cattle over them. In 2011, I founded the Decepticons code website, a penny every day to the user, because I don’t take a little cheaper, a lot of people are aware of my good reputation, but today, the Decepticons code no longer, no one knows when the Decepticons code is I Shao Lianhu.

that time, is the most crazy time to make money online. I was learning to open a Taobao shop, learn to sell marketing software, selling online money tutorial. At that time the mass QQ software is very good to use, a day to send hundreds of QQ group will do. I had one hundred QQ group, add a group every day, a QQ has about one hundred QQ group, the promotion of the day only need to add group, mass, the software can automatically get. Now the network promotion, which method has a good effect of the previous software can be said, now really can not find a good way to promote.

at that time, I sold QQ. QQ is what to do? I have a technical staff, he can apply for an hour of tens of thousands of QQ, but also are even. He has, I understand the sellers, I use Taobao to sell QQ. Very easy to earn hundreds of dollars a day. Moreover, I also sell QQ group in Taobao, I use QQ batch add group software every day, with hundreds of QQ plus group, and then sell QQ group. At that time a lot of people want to QQ mass software, QQ number and QQ group, because at that time QQ promotion is the best.

in fact, this is a thing of the past, and then talk about really no meaning, because it will not come back. Then their own so cattle, but today >

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