March 27th, after the listing and even pull three daily limit, storm Technology (300431.SZ) to close at 12.44 yuan. The same day the storm science and technology announcement reiterated the content of the video, the cost of sales, the high cost of bandwidth; industry competition; accounts receivable and other risks can not be recovered. The market ignored, continue to limit of 7 shares will be lifted to 24.24 yuan. According to April 7th closing price, the market value of the storm technology was 2 billion 910 million yuan, earnings ratio of 69.35 times. Related forums, investors have predicted at least 3 limit. If so, the direct holding of 25 million 560 thousand shares of Feng Xin, founder of storm technology will reach $825 million.

has been divided into several major video sites in the circle (and giants who do not make money), the storm can survive, make money, the final IPO, really not easy. In this paper, from the perspective of the capital to sort out how the storm is prepared by the beginning of the "export" to "domestic".

why A shares back

August 2005, Feng Xin team incorporated a hot technology, as the video software development, operation of the main body.

May 2006, Feng Xin team under the guidance of investors to set up an offshore company Kuree. In the same year in August and in December, IDG invested $two in, a 32% stake in Kuree (Feng Xin holdings of $36.17%).

September 2006, Kuree acquired storm video software, technical secrets and trademarks, domain names. Soon, the storm of intellectual property rights and technology accumulated hot technology was injected into the storm storm Feng Xin team control.

July 2007, Kuree once again melt $5 million to IDG. After the completion of the financing, IDG, Feng Xin shares held 43.1% and Kuree of, the financial investor holdings began to be higher than the founder. November 2008, IDG joint investment of $6 million latitude, capital to further strengthen the right to speak. By January 2010, IDG, Feng Xin, Jingwei and employees held Kuree 37.7%, respectively, 33.5%, 7.4% and 11.2%.

originally took the dollar investments listed on the Nasdaq stock market is the best choice. But since 2008, Youku, potatoes, Sohu, Tencent and other video sites have risen and provoked copyright wars. The choice facing storm is: seize the profit is in sight, or to burn contest. The former will be expected to enter the first camp in revenue size, while the American fancy is the status of the industry, dropped out of the top three basic game. Choose the latter is equal to the endless loss of choice, Youku potatoes have not seen the dawn of profitability.

storm technology to 40% shares of only $about ten million, the future does not know how many dollars to burn. The team did not dare large-scale financing, investors do not have confidence. After a few years, >

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