Abstract: the housing cost is too high, the human resources cost is too high, the pollution, the transportation, the threshold of the enterprise to reduce and the technology flattening and so on, become the Internet Co to move away from Beijing the reason.

1999, the 35 year old "North drift" Young Ma tired of high rent and frustrated Beijing "ant" life, returned to his hometown of Hangzhou business. 2013, more and more Internet Co managers and young entrepreneurs decided to leave Beijing, the second tier cities to engage in the Internet to become more people choose to do so in order to business, but also to live. Recently the Cheng Ling Feng cloud technology report after the evacuation of Beijing Chengdu home fun network news sparked heated debate in the circle.

why did Internet Co leave Beijing?

1 housing costs are too high. Data from Dead Leung Ban show that in the fourth quarter of 2012, Beijing office rents for the monthly $295.50 per square meter, an increase of more than the first quarter rose by 6.45%. In 2012, Beijing new commodity housing transaction price 20 thousand and 700 yuan / square meter, the average price of second-hand housing transaction price of 18 thousand and 700 yuan / square meter, an increase of 5.1%.

2 human resource cost is too high. January 1, 2013, Beijing minimum wage adjusted to 1400 yuan, an increase of 11.1%. This is just a microcosm of the rise in labor costs in Beijing. In the gathering of many local Internet Co, expand the birth day and new business ventures are in abundance and opportunity, frequent changes also led to senior talent scarcity.

3 pollution. 2012, Beijing haze weather reached 124 days. This means that 1/3 of the year in Beijing has been shrouded in hazy air. In this environment, everyone is a human vacuum cleaner.

4 traffic. "First stop" has become synonymous with Beijing, an average of one hour commuting time so that a lot of time wasted on the road.

5 mobile Internet brings new trends and technology to reduce the threshold of flat, so that Beijing is no longer a traditional Internet talent and technology heights.

where to start:

1 Chengdu. Beautiful environment, many colleges and universities talent and financial support from the government of Chengdu is expected to make up the best domestic venture company. Other benefits are: beauty, food, cheap prices.

2 Xiamen. Is the most desirable travel petty. This year has become the mobile Internet business land, out of Meitu Xiu Xiu and other excellent companies. Xiamen local investor Cai Wensheng is trying to turn Xiamen into a hot spot for mobile internet.

3 Zhuhai. Beautiful environment, cheap prices. Is the birthplace of Jinshan generation such as Internet Co, there is still a good mobile phone Meizu Hard Suits Inc, business facilities.

4 Shenzhen. Gathered Tencent, HUAWEI, ZTE and other high-tech hard

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