May 4th, CCTV science and education channel 54 Youth Festival special program struggle – the most beautiful young scientists and workers with about more than and 13 minutes of the pig network founder, CEO Zhu Mingyue entrepreneurial story.

500 yuan venture into the Internet business reporter

in 2004, by the impact of the blog China, when he was the Chongqing evening news chief correspondent Zhu Mingyue attention to the new media, when I registered a blog, the main record of news events bit by bit".

The development trend of new media

attracted Zhu Mingyue, he had an idea: can be creative ideas in this virtual things get online to sell? But he utterly ignorant of the website design. Zhu Mingyue eventually try holding the idea, he made a post on the Internet, offering a reward of 500 yuan to find someone to do a website. Soon a programmer received a single, a few days later, pig eight quit network was born – a living by selling creative trading platform.

October 2006, Zhu Mingyue resigned from the "Chongqing Evening News" work in shangqingsi a humble cottage founded the "pig", the entrepreneurial team only 6 people.

entrepreneurial slogan: ten thousand every day, to solve the meal

pig eight quit network was established, the original 6 team is facing great challenges. Lack of funds, so that Zhu Mingyue almost collapse. In the most difficult times, the whole team has become a problem. The company encountered difficulties in the development period, the team’s main goal is to become a "ten thousand to eat every day".

has just begun, take commission business model pumping the original site, do the most reward task is to design LOGO, until today, many people still think that pig network is a website to help people design LOGO. Customer design a LOGO reward 500 yuan, the site can only rely on the extraction of the Commission to maintain the life of a team of 20%.

at that time, Zhu Mingyue asked the team’s website every day transactions must break million, do not let the team hungry, website will not be dragged down.

then, CCTV news network reported the pig eight quit network crowdsourcing model, the development of the network has brought a great impact. On the one hand, Crowdsourcing mode was reported after the emergence of a number of industry competitors, faces enormous pressure to survive; on the other hand, CCTV reported that to promote effect on pig network brand, let more people know the country and try to make use of

after a period of time, difficult survival in the two aspects of the resistance and power of.

5 million angel investment, let win

2007, ushered in the first angel investor Brian technology group, 5 million yuan of investment to Zhu Mingyue confidence, with less than 9 months to beat "

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