January 13th, in the micro broadcast easy to host the wind 2016 from the media summit, Jingwei China founding management partner Zhang Ying to do the theme of sharing.

Zhang Ying mentioned that China is now in transition, facing great difficulties, but the Chinese people’s desire for a better life, hard work, as well as the government’s push, so he is confident of China’s economic restructuring.

below is the full text of Zhang Ying speech:

talk about latitude and longitude:

founder of the project led to the death of

latitude and longitude was established in 2008. Currently invested more than and 300 projects, about $5 billion of the company has about 5, about $more than and 20 in 1 billion. 300 projects are divided into 8 groups, including medical, new culture, new media, Internet banking, smart hardware, etc.. We have 10 out of 10 several, a dead-alive person mortality rate lower than 10%.

as for the causes of these deaths, there are a variety of objective reasons, the competition in the industry, the cruelty of subsidies, etc..

but ultimately not the founder, there is no rapid growth, there is no risk and the development of a good match, and finally the capital chain rupture, and then there is no sense of support, so dead.

if you dig deep, the failure of the project, many of them are founder narrow-minded, don’t dig more excellent than them. As a positive example, micro broadcast Yi Xu Yang, Baidu sales veteran out of business, it is not easy to do platform, to integrate a lot of resources, broad-minded, can the platform to set up.

we invested more than and 100 companies in 2015, in 2014 voted for a total of more than and 80 companies, from the point of view of investment, in China is the top three. No matter how the future of the capital market, the future of how painful economic transformation, the number of investment will not decline too much latitude and longitude.

talk about the economy:

have concerns, but also full of confidence

economic transformation, China’s economy is facing great difficulties, but there are a few points I am very confident.

first, the Chinese people’s desire for a better life, which does not question.

second, the Chinese people’s hard work, and passion for entrepreneurship, coupled with the government’s push, the outbreak of their energy can cushion the pain of economic restructuring process.

third, we are in a new economy, will play a more important role in economic restructuring. From macro to micro, let me be more confident about this matter than before.

of course, concerns, fears and certainly, but very confident.

talk from the media:

either don’t do it or do the best

if the proposal from the media, I think, since the media should be in the vertical direction, to do a good job of their own familiar.

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