recently recorded a file and two sessions related to the show, my label in the program is still set to "90 entrepreneurs"". However, the director of my performance is not satisfied, she told me that I was too cautiously, too deep, no young people like a sharp, 90.

I sighed, and asked her, how like a 90?

she told me that the last one there is a little girl after 90, very publicity. The little girl said she did not know nor care about the two sessions, she only cares about their partners and small business projects. The director said, this girl, after 90 state.

it makes me a little bit frustrated. Just started, I learned to play the old, so that he is calm, so as not to be seen young cheated. In some cases, I do not even say that I am CEO, and said that he is a salesman, turn back and then ask older friends to play the boss.

can not return to God, after the arrival of the trend of 90, only to see the rise of the world began to pop up as small, we are trying to mix the ranks of young people. The most representative is WeChat in my tummy "after 88", "89" and "84" entrepreneur group, everyone in the year as unit division, so that the standard to relax a little, I can get tickets for the "young people".

seems to each non 90 after 90 out of curiosity and expectation, the inside of the chain of logic is: you know 90? Don’t know? You will lose the future Oh, idiot. A problem that let me shiver all over though not cold there is a logic, as if 90 do not know 90,? Will be fired the ball home?


two days earlier, with a cheerful middle-aged uncle with obvious accent nature to find topics. Ask me, do you think TFBOYS’s "magic castle" or "Happy Island" sounds nice. Although his question well is just on the mobile phone to Baidu, but I still face a red, because I never listen to these songs……

it makes me ashamed. I am ashamed to mention I usually listen to classical music or guqin music every day, go to bed at ten pm at four or five in the morning, I am ashamed to mention the occasional KTV brush every night for second days I will be trapped into a dog. I am also ashamed to mention the office on the table tea keeps four pot play bracelets also very yearning dog bird Chuai gourd, colleagues little girl always said I like her two uncles; I don’t love I will catch up with the trend, such as disposal of gift KINDLE, because I think the book is better; for example, I do not love the love with mobile phone calendar, notebook paper, although the mobile phone is convenient, but I always feel that the day is an electronic product of kidnapping is very depressed. Before obtaining uncle education, I do not know the BiliBili, also not very love this barrage of sight interference things, although the uncle said that this is a new generation of 90 habit…… You want me to die endlessly dull remarks to speak in public. "

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