Abstract: O2O project products and technology itself does not have much barriers, there is no need to fight three points: fight money, fight the user, fight the amount of trade. Financing is a problem that every O2O project will face.


2015, a large number of industrial capital flight, the influx of investment funds, more and more hot money, is China’s reality.

The development of

mobile Internet has sunk to two or three tier cities, entrepreneurial projects are also deep into the vertical, subdivision of the O2O industry. Financing is a problem that every O2O project will face. I’m not asking you to cheat, really tell you O2O financing can have the five dark heart.

Diablo 1: early look at people, the medium-term look at the product, the latter look at the data

Angel round, and even the seed period, the capital side must be a man. The founding team are not reliable, but also pull an egg ah, do not have to be knowledgeable, but reliable, team structure, collocation to reliable, chef, technology, operation and promotion…… Not a single one can be omitted。

to Pre-A, or A are round, if not, it was a bird, while looking for a big company by director of Dangdang, hot Kangtou his wife and children. Sometimes A round investors have been asked to come up with good data, the team made out of products on the market data, good or bad, no more explanation, can survive the C round, obviously.

Diablo 2: how long can carry on how long, to their own price

project has not yet started, thinking about seed, angel round, Pre-A round, A round, B round, C round…… How to use the money investors. When you are foolish investors, to give you money to use, it is necessary to your equity, it is necessary to have the project KPI. Or so to say, the sooner the money, it is necessary to pay more equity and other. A O2O venture, did not start, ask for money, the value of the project is much, how fast can the development of future earnings, how much, and do not say, also let the capital difficult, you have to keep to the 50 million to 500 thousand, then you have to, but the heart welled up a mouthful of blood.

boil price, do not rush to finance, has become the heart of the O2O project financing must learn. Capital side also hope that you will not only invest time and effort, but also put a little money to show confidence and determination. Entrepreneurship is to learn to spend a penny out of five cents or even the effect of the little money in the hands of a little bit of the people and things in need of urgent, boil, daughter-in-law boil into a woman. In their own and co-founder of the money is about to burn out, financing a good price, better life.

dark heart 3: BP is not a good feast, is the full eight delicious meals

rivers and lakes spread too much, BP (Business Plan, business plan) how important, how can we make a move investors B>

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