once as the car industry, I think the reason for this situation is now drops to send a single logical problems, lead to the guide and driver intentionally increase orders slow.


you may notice that this interface, when a taxi, the fare options on the default interface (and also increase a lot!), the user can choose to add different prices, but the platform will tell you the possibility of orders with different price, if one is not single, you can adjust the price called the car again.

platform planing to profit pressures, such rules will bring what incentive to both sides of the platform? The driver know users can repeatedly choose increases, so the driver to select the first answer does not increase the burden, he knew you couldn’t get to the car will improve the Italy with tips. So the result of this rule is that passengers repeatedly to increase the price to call the car, a waste of time, it is likely to pay more expensive money. Under this rule, the two sides will play "fancy game", but the result is both a waste of time (which is the most important parameter to maximize the efficiency of the taxi system), users spend more money, give the rules more profit space.

can be said that this rule from the date of birth, is being opportunistic, and the overall efficiency is lower. This is not Chengwei wrong, nor by the product manager is wrong, it is not even a "wrong", because thousands of years people are accustomed to such rules, if you do not let the driver choose, the driver will not be pleased, he felt that he could have received more than 26 pieces, 13 pieces of results must accept the platform out, earn less, but he did not know if the save time, and get the list of probability, he will earn more, the platform overall efficiency will be higher — two thousand years of "the people" this has been the case, this is not a way to change the dimension. So, don’t complain about anything, we bear fruit, is the reason we planted.

in addition to the above reasons, there are other reasons by profit pressure leads to the need to earn more price scissors (i.e., to passengers, more money to the driver, the reduction of subsidies) government restrictions on local license car deal, are the reasons why this is not further analysis.

so, after the merger of drops and Uber experience worse, and Uber leave China related to



I carefully observed Uber and drops of product logic.

Uber product logic brings the user experience is indeed faster and cheaper. Set the rules of the Uber is very simple, almost no space for personal operation: first, passenger car called the action only by pressing a button, you can choose the driver, may not increase; second, the driver orders were sent to accept the list, you can’t choose to list, do not know the details of the list, third pie.

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