at the beginning of October 2016, Wang Longhang found a change.

Engineer in his part-time platform to achieve online, there are a number of developers quietly updated personal information in the skills section to add a small WeChat program development.

After the November 3rd

small program to achieve online beta, there are already more than and 40 companies released the development needs of small programs. Wang Longhang said that his team is looking through a variety of channels to experience the small program developers.

January 11, 2016, Zhang Xiaolong revealed that WeChat is studying a new form, called the application number". After half a year, there is no more official news about the application number, we gradually decline in the number of concerns. Until September 21st the program officially open beta. November 3rd, WeChat opened a small program interface, many people speculated that this is a new wave of traffic dividends. According to previous reports, there are nearly 200 thousand developers into the application.

December 29th, Zhang Xiaolong in the WeChat open class to do a share, clear not to the entrance, can not share these restrictions, entrepreneurs began to calm down thinking.

small program users come from? Where is the entrance? How will the search be open?…… These rules of the game, only to wait until after the official release of small programs can learn.

, etc., is the status of the vast majority of entrepreneurs, but everyone is secretly help.

Liu Zhicong is one of the most regrettable thing is that the company Angel round off too early. After the emergence of small programs, Liu Zhicong had seen investors, a lot of call to ask: "you end of this round can not be a little more?"

departure from the thunder, Liu Zhicong in 2016 to set up a new company to do a universal PaaS platform. After the end of September a small program beta version, Liu Zhicong’s team decided to make PaaS a small application cloud platform to serve the direction of transformation of small programs.

transformation, the team discussed two weeks. "There are no differences in the direction of the team members, mainly worried that time may be missed." Liu Zhicong said.

in accordance with the original development cycle, product planning on-line time is July 2017. PaaS is a common business form, the development cycle is long, need to do a lot of preparation. A small program online, everyone is expected to officially release at the end of the year. Liu Zhicong team left for only two months.

"at this point in time, we are likely to make mistakes, after all, not ready for a long time. But in the field of the Internet, there must be a first mover advantage, we must rush this time." Liu Zhicong said.

small application cloud function is to simplify the development of small program background, take integrated development platform, developers only need to write JavaScript program, run up, front function code will be automatically end >

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