: I need to buy website server, domain name, record and upload procedures, specific can access relevant tutorial.


on the Internet popular today, Shanghai dragon has become one of the promotion of technology as everyone knows, many grassroots hope through this technology to realize their own value, learn Shanghai dragon can find a well paid job, also can do offline training, or even open your own business, but to learn the road bumps, hit in the end can learn less and less, why not learn a lot? The reason is its own self, that Shanghai dragon look tutorial to learn, resulting in 35 years of underachievement, what is the method to learn Shanghai Dragon Phoenix and don’t want to spend money? Of course is to ask Shanghai Dragon God, but God can not willing to share, after all, the left hand, whether made Canon see personal fortune.

answer: of course, I also study 0.

answer: first to own a website, and then improve themselves through practical operation, through the website construction, and details of setting up the contents of the layout to optimize, you can make a website, learn to do.

asked: how to quickly learn Shanghai dragon

asked: how to do? I do not code, is white.

answer: there are many space business, the Internet can rent, you can find their own materials for the record to record, divided into personal record and record companies……… (ten thousand words omitted) >.

asked: Hello, how to quickly learn Shanghai dragon ask? I am white, will be able to learn Shanghai dragon

Shanghai white dragon in the process of learning is more confusion, lack of experience and unique marketing thinking, the concept of online search tutorials are mostly vague, or a detailed tutorial, practical difficulties, let us white suffered bitter head during the lost, if any God is willing to help, believe that many detours, to embark on the Internet the way to make money, but the so-called people, time is very nervous, take the time before the Shanghai dragon beginner’s case, then find some god to communicate, but good luck can give a general explanation. Bad luck is directly pull the black, the visible white road was hard; but it is normal, after all the great God who has no obligation to do these things, people all the time Very valuable, when I fought in Shanghai dragon in the industry for about two years, gradually also has some people to consult, this time to understand why people do not want to spend time on to help white, not indifference, but depend too much on the white.


asked: where there is a domain name server to sell? How to record


, a Shanghai white dragon and why God always rebuffed


example: a bottomless pit to ask questions

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