my site is, remember 9 modify the title and description, No. 10 in the morning found no home position, when the No. 11 keywords also ranked in one of the disappeared, although the title keyword is not updated snapshot, but love is to know the title change in Shanghai. Until now the past ten days, every day is still crawling, but the ranking disappeared, so love Shanghai to modify the title the penalty is very severe.

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recently because of continuous changes caused by the title, love Shanghai right down, overnight in Shanghai show love disappear. In fact, I just want to test this change how much, the two major domestic search engines do not like what, because now the Shanghai dragon flow may not all from the love of Shanghai. After the experiment this time, I found the right down the rules of domestic two major search engines to modify the title is a great difference, of course, also understand the different search engines to optimize website how to better.

360: approved site can be flawed

360 is now slowly strong, traffic is also very impressive, can not be ignored. A new station on the line, 360 included the time slightly a little longer, friends, love Shanghai will immediately exchange name card and you remember your message, but the president of final examination check your information authenticity and character, and the 360 is to examine your character, and then decide what and when you make friends. So my site in Shanghai collected 3 days, and 360 included is spent about 20 days or so, maybe you think I speak these and modify the title never mind, and listen to me slowly to.

website in the beginning of the line, love Shanghai and other search engines compared to the fastest speed should be included. Is my current contact site, the new general well in the station optimization and update frequency, by not more than 7 days, three days included the situation is very common. The other is to modify Title Effects on the weights of the website, after the new general love Shanghai included, spiders love Shanghai basically every day to crawl, at this point there is a misunderstanding, that they can not see the snapshot, modify the title after the snapshot not update immediately, but in fact it has access to the database of Shanghai, this is me that love is very sensitive and rapid response in Shanghai.

360 website after basically modified the title 5 times, 9 times that modify the title, love Shanghai is severely punished, and 360 in 5 days, the updated snapshot, and ranking rose slightly. In addition, at 19 PM, I took the title and description of the website completely revised, but the theme is the same title last night found the snapshot update, and medium without a word index page ranking. So my conclusion is that once the 360 collection sites, later modify title is right down the possibility of a small, this is because the 360 recognized your website will not easily punish, and modify the title will increase 360 included time before was not collected.

loves Shanghai: rapid response, severe punishment

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