research company CB Insights and KPMG audit and Consultation Service Co (KPMG) at the start of the year jointly issued a report, 2015 global risk investment reached $128 billion 500 million, which accounted for 30% in asia. So, who is in the hands of nearly $40 billion of funds, this paper concludes that the Asian venture capital investors can be divided into four categories, to see if you have any food,



have you ever had a camping trip? At night, in a tent, looking at the sparkling stars in the sky. Yes, this feeling is the same as entrepreneurs look at venture capital companies.

some of the scale of venture capital, some VCs are smaller and focus on a vertical field, but also a number of VCs are quite intelligent, able to shine around entrepreneurs. I will use the planets in the solar system as an analogy to see what kind of risk investors can be classified into.

different VCs have different investment strategies, although there are some differences, but in general they can be classified into four types. As an entrepreneur, you may encounter one type of venture capital, or in front of them roadshow, or even get their investment. So, may wish to first understand them, to see if you have a dish

, a "blossom everywhere" VC

"blossom everywhere" venture capitalists are their abundant capital, general nouveau riche, hands are holding more than $100 million in investment funds. Generally speaking, these venture capital companies in the previous investors have had entrepreneurial experience, their investment thinking can be basically summed up in one sentence – fear of missing the next unicorn, after all, is self willed.

This type of

is most suitable for venture entrepreneurs just a novice, have a vision, or dare to rush into danger of entrepreneurs, because they are willing to take a gamble for their own future, "let’s change the world" is the entrepreneur’s creed. Of course, this kind of venture capital usually appears in the "most annual investment list".

solar system planet analogy: Jupiter – big enough.

two, the background of venture capital

let’s talk about the government the strong flavor of venture capital company, the venture capital company in fact do not bad money, but if you want them to invest, then at least a "Hongtouwenjian" reply.

usually want through start-up cash, or entrepreneurial vision of entrepreneurs will love this type of venture capital, they and the government is very reliable, investors usually required by the government through the accelerator / incubator in the form of capital, and they will also become a business mentor.

do not put this type of venture capital relationship stiff, even if they do not harm you, but you can be included in the blacklist". They will be in the industry

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