what should we do? That is to say, simple but is simple, is nothing more than a good user experience, really, really stand up thinking in the position of the user.

search engine usage, the data can be fully explained, so far at least, love Shanghai in the field of search engine or a single large. This also confirms the I mentioned in China do Shanghai dragon is equal to love Shanghai optimization.

Shanghai February 19th love Webmaster Platform released "love sea announcement" on-line algorithm scindapsus. The so-called "green" is a new algorithm named love Shanghai. Love Shanghai new algorithm clear to three websites to punish "link" sale intermediary "links" and "buy links". I want to say is, throughout the webmaster circle, there are so many websites, several websites have not bought the link, did not sell links? Can be said that the domestic personal webmaster most websites have involved in the so-called "link trading".

This is 2013 January


Shanghai Longfeng has been the most important for maintaining grassroots webmaster website promotion way. But Shanghai dragon theory will Links as Shanghai dragon soul, which also contributed to the webmaster of Links superstition. In the face of new sea love webmaster algorithm, only put the light on Links dependence. In fact, Links itself does not have what meaning, it should be put on the light station Links since, as a webmaster should put light degree of Shanghai Longfeng since, in the Chinese Shanghai dragon often equals love Shanghai so much optimization, webmaster should put light on Links since the degree than should be reduced the light of love Shanghai search over the flow dependence.


from the network marketing and promotion, the future owners should pay more attention to the SMO network promotion, Shanghai Longfeng proportion should be more and more small. Many.

two years ago, the noble baby also launched a similar Scindapsus algorithm "panda algorithm". The panda algorithm is also designed to combat spam sites, and today we see a new algorithm for the purification of the noble baby does webmaster circle environment made the cut effect. In the future, do not meet the user experience of Shanghai dragon will gradually be Taobao. In addition, the black hat means the Shanghai dragon means will gradually disappear from the webmaster circles. So we also should stay away from the unhealthy black hat Shanghai dragon, who through illegal means, damage the interests of others in the Shanghai dragon search engine will be suppressed, even now can not see, the site is K station is also represent the general trend.

from falling in love with sea overwhelmed by high-profile announced a new algorithm on the line, the firm position of Chinese grassroots site rectification. Then we grassroots webmaster in the background of the new algorithm under the Shanghai love how to do


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