1. for businesses to provide official customer service phone. Love Shanghai open data platform including PC terminal and mobile terminal data submitted data submitted to the two entrance, webmaster resources will be based on user needs to submit the search results page in the PC or mobile terminal in Shanghai to show different love. But the love of Shanghai official customer service phone application has a certain threshold, to provide the relevant formalities for examination, including the enterprise business license two generation identity card or passport, ICP registration and registered trademark certificate, it is to the more formal enterprises or companies can apply. We only need to search brand keywords in a company in Shanghai Shanghai love, love will automatically show an official customer service calls, such as love Shanghai in search of "beauty", will appear the following results:

from the above diagram, the IE browser still occupies a major share, but the Qihoo 360 has apparently become the biggest threat to love Shanghai. This love of Shanghai in order to participate in the search engine market competition, the last two months frequently make significant to enhance the user experience of the action, to analysis the latest reform of Shanghai love for everyone.

each enterprise has its own customer service system, including pre-sale and customer service issues, many users want to buy a product in May, in the love of Shanghai search brand keywords of the enterprise. And when they were looking for, there is a kind of psychological fear of being deceived, because now there are too many false information on the Internet, if you are in search of a keyword, will automatically display the official customer service phone, user trust will be greatly improved, this is very convenient for users.

With the 2010 May

from Google Chinese market, love Shanghai in recent years can be described as smooth, Google lost the strong competitors, like Shanghai’s market share has been greatly improved, as of September 2012, love Shanghai market share has reached 72%. Such positive data, love Shanghai is not at ease, because the search engine market hidden some heterogeneous, 360 search such as the new, let love Shanghai feel the potential crisis consciousness, because the 360 security browser has occupied 15% market share. A set of data that we still see love Shanghai Traffic Statistics Institute:

in the example above, it’s clear that at present in the first page. Very convenient for the user to distinguish. Don’t look at it.


2. love Shanghai added mark tips page. We love Shanghai search page, we may not know that we now turn to page, because it is only through the "digital color to distinguish this, many users do not understand the meaning, so it is very confused. Recently love Shanghai search page found the following:


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