groups to their own forces, engage in their own one or more products, after careful investigation of the market after a planning scheme, such as track, track matrix or matrix together with the schedule and so on, will change the pattern of the system design is very user-friendly, the purpose is to attract the individual group of friends to join in. The more people involved, the higher the trader’s profits, there are profits, and then will be closed at certain times, the crowd behind the board is the victim

1, pulled offline crowd. This group is actually in another circle.


network to make money by people referred to as Wangzhuan, is through the use of network to get paid, roughly divided into the following categories:

this kind of crowd, seize the opportunity to earn some money, the back of the basic money is spent to understand. So the network does not stop with the collapse and opening of the phenomenon, if the trader who earn money, is not going to open the disc, but some loophole in the system to obtain profits is not ideal and ahead of the game.

two months ago in A5 saw an article about shlf1314 Advertising optimization, when the experience is very deep, and added their group. Group name is: 10 or more excellent webmaster discussion group, really, at that time I earn less than 10 knives a day, then I was around 2 knives. In the group, we discuss a lot of things, there are very enthusiastic friends to help me with some optimization, but are not up to the effect that I want, then I 8000ip, day 2 knives, they are very sigh, traffic can’t earn money, but in their method put ads, click on%3, and click on my ideal is%7, so do click on, is not an ordinary person can optimize to get, but if you really seriously pondering together, will be able to achieve. A friend may think that such a high click does not k number?. Here, I tell you, any game has a regular pattern. As long as you don’t break the rules. Don’t walk crooked road, believe that you are in a high natural click shlf1314 will not say you violate the policy, all you want to make money from shlf1314, first of all you have to do is to understand the policy of shlf1314. This will ensure the start of your shlf1314 money making program. We continue to click on the topic of conversation, how to translate traffic into the problem of click, it is really a headache problem, this problem is not just stumped me. I believe that many friends also encountered more traffic, but click less. Here is the main purpose of my writing. How can I translate traffic into clicks?

3. old Adsense began to do industry station, regular station and so on, and development.

my station, www.gz66 Gz66 game network is a forum program, Dvbbs, I was using 728×90 format, placed under the title of the post, this effect can be said of the most common, the most basic. Visit a forum where shlf1314 ads are made. Advertising is basically like this. But I tell you, this is not the best effect, maybe some people say, yes, I put it so, click to reach%3., I have this idea before,%3 click has been very successful. What more will you ask for?. But I was wrong. What’s%3?. I have a friend to do food franchise network, talking about his optimized ad, that is called stroll optimization, I call it that optimization ah, he clicks can reach%20.%20 click is a what number?. Let’s analyze his success, the food franchise website, the industry station, the traffic volume

1., some friends directly into the ranks of the webmaster, began to do the station. Begin to do rubbish station, but do not know how profit, so go to learn the practice of master, and slowly intervened into the ranks of the webmaster, every day to study SEO, busy,

refuse stations deal with advertising alliances to obtain advertising fees; products stand on sale products to obtain price differentials; industry stations, portal stations and so on rely on value-added services to obtain profits.

of course, there are a lot of things. Maybe it doesn’t suit you, but maybe it will help you,

, most of this group revolves around >

the head of this group have their own basic chat rooms, organize daily sales of the elite to share experiences, to attract outsiders to join in, listen to the successful experience of the day, the temptation of the people will be affected by the subtle, so the direct sales team to join. Direct state is allowed, as long as you can make money from, kiss Xingmin not too much evaluation.

2, do direct marketing crowd.

three groups of people: mixed populations. This group includes a wide range, and then the next analysis.

3, both the station and not a special professional webmaster, relying on the site of this terminal to get paid groups.

believes in this, search it online, not to mention a dozen, but it looks a bit exaggerated, but when you reach that level, you’ll see. I haven’t written in A5 for months. But not writing does not mean not looking at the article. Over the past few days, mainly in the past few months on the shlf1314 ad optimization of some experience, hoping to write it out. Be helpful to a friend.

two types of people: Adsense groups. Mainly engaged in their own operating stations, including garbage stations, product stations, trade stations, portal stations, business stations, and so on.

One of

2 and most of the crowd follow suit every day, where the project is attractive, where to run.

2. webmaster to do a long time, accumulated a lot of experience, more familiar with this industry, began to do some product station, sell some products to make profits;

a crowd: mainly by working for others to earn money, such as network management, customer service and so on.

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